July 14, 2024
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Video, some notes and pics from the January 22 2024 Commissioners Court. (Fixed a date error; I am not a time traveler)


Rough notes: (Watch video for exact and complete discussion)

Presentation from Daniel. On drainage that we’ve been discussing, this came on after we had bought the project and signed a contract. Going to be more than $50,000 to redirect the drainage, going to be around probably $150,000, proposed for phase 3. Developer doesn’t want to put that on each builder. He’s eating that cost, build site ready. All houses same elevation, added costs. When we bought this development were not anticipating this. Phase 3 more water, brought drainage plan.

Chambers; Is phase 3 closer to the golf course?

Daniel: Phase 1 is closer but all earthwork for phase 1. Phase 3 is when you get 2 streets bringing water down to you. 50% of houses built on phase 1 and 2

Chambers: One of our biggest fears is the cemetery

Daniel: There’s not an HOA, meeting today to discuss potentially doing an HOA.

Busch: I’ll tell you right now i don’t feel comfortable with it at all. This project is for your company to make money and it can potentially cause issues with the cemetery, first concern is the golf course as well. There’s gotta be some insurance that this is gonna get done. When’s Phase 3 gonna be? Through a bond?

Daniel: Developer is gonna make sure it gets done

Busch: I’ve done this a long time too, they’ll tell you they’re gonna do it and then they refuse to do it.

Ray: Is there a bond?

Brown: Let’s figure out what the cost is going to be to adequately control the water. A bond with continency. …

Chambers: $150,000 bond?

Busch: as long as the county and taxpayer doesn[t have to …

Brown: $200,000 you don’t know if costs will change 2 – 3 years down the road. …. Get the (performance) bond in place.

Daniel: I’m sure they would go for it just to move forward. Do an agreement, revise it to include the bond

Busch: And that bond needs to be at least a 4 year bond.


Rough Notes: (Watch video for exact and complete discussion) Park is actually named, and voted on to be Captain Stephen Gibson Memorial Heritage Park.

Ray: He helped me out quite a bit, was at the house next to Heritage Park.

Jeff: As of Feb 2, he would have been captain.

? I reached out to the family and they prefer captain.

Kelly Harris: We need to leave Heritage Park in there for events we’ve already started because it is known for already, people may be lost and confused as to where it went.

Ray: Captain Stephen Gibson Memorial Heritage Park


Rough Notes: Watch video for exact and complete discussion.

Harris: We approved new website for county and expo; need a POS system for tickets, events, RV spots sold. Need card readers, convenience fees, saves money $30,000 per year from that.

Voted to move forward

Hendrix productions.

Harris: Added last year’s P&L, added projection for this year, on the conservative side. Last year didn[t do concession stand, had food trucks, last year StubHub but if we get this software system, we can sell them ourselves. Lowered price of ticket from $75 to $35, $25 general admission, will be putting wristbands on 21 and over so bar will know. Selling tables, reserved seat 8 $1000 selling them for $400 this time. Cut back the number of bands this year to 3. by the time the main headliner came on people leaving because so late. Gary Anderson, Braxton Keith and Shenandoah are bands. Personnel at all floor entries, checking for wristband. Advertising on the Ranch, social media and newspaper. (Winn Hankins?) Stage sound and light -contract set up stage, band, etc so nothing SomCo has to do. Hotels, buy them meals (on rider) Certain types of water, Red Bull, cheese tray. Last year we sold 600-700 tickets, hope that the lower price will get more people there, 1500 people. Spring break nicer for walkups. Concessions and alcohol (big one for us), reserved tables. If all goes, $12,000

chambers: if all doesnt work well this year, we’re done?

Harris: I inherited these signed contracts.

Brown: Unless I missed a commissioners court meeting, contracts never brought before the court and voted on. I was never presented with a contract to approve. Either have to eat it or just go ahead and hope it’s making good market. Kelly, you’ve done a good job but most people book these out 6 weeks, most people book these things out months in advance.

Harris: I think we can at least break even if not make money this year.

Voted to move forward.

Kelly Harris: This is as cheap as I could get a headliner at this late date

1 thought on “Somervell County Commissioners Court Video- Jan 22 2024-Captain Stephen Gibson Memorial Heritage Park; drainage at golf course, Concerts at Expo

  1. We need to Talk To Our County Commissioners, Now!

    Somervell County “STILL” continues to employ a “Convicted Felon named Cindy Gray as the Director of Payroll” in the “Tax Paying Citizens Court House.” That should insult every citizen’s intelligence! Do we really look like a “County full of fools in our Commissioners eyes?” Obviously So!! That’s particularly insulting considering the fact that we voted them in and this is how they have disrespected us! The Commissioners work for the Citizens of this County and they are “Cindy Gray the Convicted Felon’s” boss. My understanding is that they can’t find a company that will Bond or License her (Which is required by law). No company will take that risk! Logically why would they? So if she decided to steal money or classified information (SS #’s, insurance information, retirement and savings information on past, present and future employees, etc.) we being the Somervell County Citizens are being set up as the responsible party to pay the misappropriation of funds. Because the people of Somervell County are now legally responsible, “US, You, and I.” “Unfortunately, that has been kept really quiet until NOW!” Since they can’t purchase a Bond or Insurance, then we are the liable parties for any money that may be missing or any employee that has their private information stolen. Let’s just say that money or personal information goes missing or is misused in order to open a credit line or credit card in anyone’s name beside the rightful owner, that is called “Theft by Fraud” and that is a “Felony.” So if personal information is misused from our Court House, who’s liable for the amount of the theft, and who is responsible for restoring the victim’s credit? The answer is: We Are, the citizens of Somervell County. I don’t know about you. But no one asked me if I wanted to take on that responsibility, and if they had, my answer would have been, No! Definitely Not! We already know that Richard Talavera the Commissioner of Pct.2 worked for the Sheriff’s Department before becoming a Commissioner, and he officially told them at that time “Cindy Gray the Convicted Felon” who was appointed as Payroll Director that Cindy Gray was a Convicted Felon and wasn’t eligible for the position, because “Cindy Gray is a Convicted Felon,” yet when he got elected, obviously he became as complacent as the other Commissioners and let that injustice slide. WHY? Why Richard Talavera? Why don’t you feel that being a County Commissioner holds you to the same high standards as a Deputy at the Sheriff’s Department? Why? Why would you, “Richard Talavera” coming straight out of the Sheriff’s Department “Not Fix The Situation?“ Was it incompetence, laziness, forgetfulness, or What? Many County Residence don’t understand? Did you ever think that the other County Commissioners might have listened to you, being someone who knew the law? The County Commissioner’s, Jeff Harris in Pct. 1, Richard Talavera in Pct. 2, Tammy Ray in Pct. 3, Wade Bush in Pct. 4. “Jeff Harris and Wade Bush,” where do you stand on this issue? Although Tammy Ray in Pct. 3, says that she’s been trying to budge the others to vote with her to remove and terminate Cindy Gray the Convicted Felon, yet Tammy can’t get their cooperation to fire her, “Really?” Why would any Commissioner be so complacent and violate the law by leaving this County wide open for a potential Lawsuit, leaving the citizens who voted them in, potentially on the hook for a Convicted Felons’s debt? Unfortunately, Tammy is coming up for reelection and she is going to be sitting in the “HOT SEAT” trying to explain the “FAILURE” of her duty as a Commissioner to protect this county. We will all get an opportunity to see her try to explain this miscarriage of justice when she publically debates Chip Joslin, to try and hold her seat for Pct. 3., the question is, does she deserve to win a new term? I guess that remains to be seen! Although fingers seem to be pointing toward the Judge, but in reality, he isn’t even required to vote! The Commissioners are “Cindy Gray the Convicted Felon’s” bosses. “Cindy Gray the Convicted Felon” answers to the County Commissioners. The County Commissioners answer to the People of this County! “Texas is a right-to-work State,” so there doesn’t even have to be a reason to terminate her. No employer in Texas has to have a good or bad reason to terminate anyone. It’s as simple as “we don’t need you anymore!” But, having a FELONY Theft Record and being appointed the Payroll Director, is reason enough! I just hope the books balance out when she’s gone. If not look out, and expect our tax dollars to increase, and a Go-Fund-Me account is set up on every social media platform everywhere to bail this County out because there’s no Insurance Policy or Bond to cover the loss of misappropriated funds and other problems that can be left in the wake of this possible Tsunami! Like a lot of you folks, my pockets aren’t that deep, and I will probably have to sell out and move if I can find anyone willing to buy my property without losing my butt. Like most of you, I am trying to raise a family and that’s the last thing I can afford to do!

    It’s Time To Tell Our
    County Commissioners
    That We Can’t Afford The Liability of having a Payroll Director that is a Convicted Felon!

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