March 4, 2024

DeWayne Burns says in this ad “There is nothing more fundamental than our right to life and a safe, secure future. …. Protecting our lives and liberties are my highest priorities as your representative”

Unless you are a woman. If you are a woman and you want to protect, as a number one issue, your own life and health choices, you simply are not a priority to Mr Burns. And saying that he has *pro-life alternatives” is just another way of saying that he and other Republicans would like to impose forced birth on women, without the choice, for example, if you had been raped, of not having to carry the rapist’s baby (Imagine if private citizen Trump had gotten the woman he raped pregnant. I’m willing to bet that since, as in the criminal trial coming up, he would have tried to hush that up, perhaps through abortion)

I understand from the slant of a lot of these campaign brochures that Burns is pushing his christian faith. One hopes he realizes that in this country, the bible is not the law of the land, that people can choose to believe in his branch of christianity if they want or they do NOT HAVE TO, nor do they have to accept the error-ridden book the bible as the authority. He does, which is fine, but he does not speak for all Texans and especially not for all women in Texas, for whom his views to restrict life and liberty are odious.

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