March 4, 2024

The Somervell County Commissioners Court, including Judge Chambers, has apparently done NOTHING to safeguard employees, not to mention taxpayer money, by continuing to employ Cindy Gray. As of 2/10/2024, she is still working in that department. Incidentally, her title is Payroll Director-how did that change, at what meeting in which she went from a clerk to a payroll clerk to Director?

Should Someone with a felony theft indictment be working in Payroll (Somervell County) Dec 5 2023

Somervell County STILL has a person with a felony indictment for theft working as Payroll Director (1/11/2024)

For me, I can only conclude that 1. Somervell County is lackadaisical about safeguarding payroll information 2. The public is lackadaisical about talking to their commissioners and judge to insist that such a situation not exist or 3. They are hoping to keep her on for whatever reason and hope that people stop paying attention. I have paid attention to every executive session that has been held since last month and at none of them have the commissioners come out and said they are firing her.

Reminder that Cindy Gray works directly for the commissioners.

P.S. This sort of reminds me of when Liz Morgan, who worked at Glen Rose Medical Center, pled guilty to a 3rd degree felony but Glen Rose Medical Center/Somervell County Hospital District, kept her on until January 2016.

P.P.S. I did an open records request back in December 6, 2023 asking for the employee file of Gray. I still have yet to receive it, through almost a comedy of errors. When a government entity wants to contest giving a citizen a record that the citizen believes should be available via the Texas Public Information Act, they can contest, with a reason, to the AG’s office why they should not have to do so, very common procedure. I got back a response on it on December 20 2023, which was written up by Richard Talavera. I thought the document looked a little weird, so I brought my concern to Trey Brown, the county attorney, who agreed that the document looked off. I told him that maybe the AG didn’t get it OR that I would not be notified by the AG when they finally did an opinion because, at least on my copy of what I received, my contact information was not there. On Feb 2, 2024, I called the AG’s office, was calling about something else anyway, and asked them to look in their online database that they had received this and the attorney I spoke with said no they had not. Someone else from the AG’s office called me the next day and told me that they had a lot of papers and mail that had been sent in and they were probably in a stack of papers that were not even logged in, even though presumably they would have received it a month earlier. Meanwhile, Melanie, who does a fabulous job with the Public information Requests, from the Sheriff’s Department called the AG’s office about it and when she got called back, the AG’s office said they had it and that it is due for rulings on March 11th.

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