March 4, 2024

Odious that these people do these ads in order to influence the election. The group they represent is a divisive hate group but they’re using the commercials to pretend otherwise. (Wrote about these deceptive christian nationalists before) USA Today

“The thing that’s different about this year is 2024 is a presidential election year, and all of that divisiveness and hostility is amplified in the presidential election,” Jason Vanderground, president of BrandHaven marketing agency, told Crain’s Grand Rapids Business.

“We’re trying to be very intentional to build off of last year’s message and instead of showing people fighting, showing people demonstrating what it looks like to love your neighbor.” 

Yuh-huh. That’s why this group goes to right-wing news to tout what it’s doing. You know what would look more real? For this group to come out and denounce Trump, since he’s the exact opposite of the message they are trying to convey. People, again, are NOT FOOLED by this. Is it that the people who support Trump and see how hateful christian evangelism is to normal people want to salve their conscience? If this is actually a plan to rehabilitate christian images, it ain’t gonna be done with Trump stinking up the place on the bottom of their shoes.

In fact, that would be a great ad, showing people getting the Trump washed off their feet so they could be clean again.

The message itself was pretty weird. I guess the PR people in this hate group thought it would be a great idea to take the Jesus-foot-washing theme and that led to a lot of hilarious jokes of people making fun of it. Their ad campaign uses AI, not even real people. To me, I laughed and thought the whole tone was “Ya Feet Stink so let’s get to washing them”

Let’s start. Why THIS image with what appears to be immigrants getting bussed out of Texas by hateful Greg Abbott (who I don’t think anyone would claim is a sterling example of an ethical person) and dumped in cities (even says Chicago on the bus, is that a Wynne Transportation bus?) . Did the white lady think that the immigrants feet needed washed?? Why doens’t white lady tell Texas and Florida government to stop misleading people and quit making immigrants a fake, overblown issue? Ugh, this looks designed to appeal to white people who want to feel superior to others. And maybe this makes the white lady feel less guilty for treating the brown immigrants this way. Willing to bet if this was a real scene instead of a staged PR commercial, the lady getting her feet washed would be saying “Hey, I need a SHOWER, get away from my feet, you pervert”. As it is, she does not look impressed, maybe she felt she had to let this white lady wash her foot in order to get a meal.

I also noticed that Forced Birth theme of the Republican party that is trying to substitute forced birth clinics for abortion, hoping no one will notice. Spoiler alert. A LOT of women notice. Looks like the same white lady with a different sweater in this pic. “I’ll wash your feet and in return you have to carry that baby or I’ll sick the anti-abortion protesters on you”

Ooops, can’t be that, since ADF is trying to fight gay rights in the courts… again. Saw some state the other day that wants to make LGBTQ ‘separate but equal’. Yuh-huh. And it’s interesting to me that they don’t, like the pink sweater woman, show somebody washing somebody else’s feet in this one. Did the PR people say that would be a bridge too far (or a shoe too tight) to have, say, the black guy washing the feet of the white guy or vice versa.

So this gay guy is skating along the beach and stops to take OFF his skates to have a priest wash his feet. Yeah. Talk about blatant wishful thinking on the part of HeGetsUs. And the priest has his shoes off today and apparently was just running around carrying a flask of water. Did he approach the skater and ask him to take off his skates or did they do it together?


Just to be clear: Any religious organization has the right to buy television ads and spread its views. But in this case, the ads aren’t telling the whole story. A big-bucks marketing campaign can’t hide the fact that the Servant Foundation isn’t proffering a tolerant form of Christianity led by a hip Jesus who loves everyone. What’s really being sold here is an attempt to suck even more Americans down the rabbit hole of hateful Christian Nationalism.

From USA Today What is the Servant Foundation?

As for the organization that initially launched the campaign in 2022, Servant Foundation, also known as The Signatry, is a Kansas-based nonprofit. The “He Gets Us” campaign switched ownership to Come Near in the past year.

The Signatry is a donor-advised fund that calls itself “a Christian ministry seeking to build the Kingdom of God by inspiring world-changing generosity.”

The organization donated $50 million to the Alliance Defending Freedom from 2018-2020. The Southern Poverty Law Center listed the ADF as an anti-LGBTQ hate group in 2016, citing the ADF’s support of criminalizing homosexuality and approval of imprisoning LGBTQ individuals for engaging in consensual sex.

Americans United makes a good point.

A Kansas-based group called the Servant Foundation (AKA the Signatry) spent $20 million to place the ad during the big game. And that’s just the start. Over the next three years, this fundamentalist Christian group plans to spend “about a billion dollars” toward a slick public relations effort called the “He Gets Us” campaign. The group has hired a PR agency to address, in the firm’s words, the problem of “How did the world’s greatest love story in Jesus become known as a hate group?”

Well, one reason this has happened is because groups like the Servant Foundation, which espouse fundamentalist Christianity, have spent years throwing money at hate groups.

HAVEN, the Michigan-based PR firm the Servant Foundation has hired to execute the He Get Us campaign, has represented key Shadow Network organizations like Focus on the Family and Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), which have spent decades spreading hate against LGBTQ Americans. The ADF works in court to strip LGBTQ people of their basic rights and argues that religious freedom is a license to discriminate. In fact, ADF has such a case pending before the Supreme Court right now.

The Servant Foundation is also one of ADF’s biggest financial backers. A recent exposé reports that “between 2018-20, the Servant Foundation donated more than $50 million to the Alliance Defending Freedom” and that those contributions “were among the five largest donations given out by the foundation in each of those three years.”

The Servant Foundation has supported other religious extremist groups:

  • It gave nearly $8 million went to Answers in Genesis, creationist Ken Ham’s fundamentalist ministry behind the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter.
  • Over $1 million was designated for the anti-LGBTQ Campus Crusade for Christ (rebranded as “Cru” since 2011).
  • The foundation awarded $374,800 to Al Hayat Ministries, an organization that seeks to “respectfully yet fearlessly unveil the deception of Islam,” and runs an Arabic-language Christian satellite TV station with the goal of converting Muslims to Christianity.
  • In 2020 alone, the Servant Foundation made donations to prominent Shadow Network members American Center for Law and Justice, First Liberty Institute and Liberty Counsel.


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