April 13, 2024
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Legislator, Sandy Crawford, in Missouri votes against rape and incest exemptions in an abortion bill because “God doesn’t make mistakes” You know, when you think about this, what can you conclude? That God fully accepted that a woman is raped or forced to have sex with, say, her father and that it’s not a mistake if she gets pregnant from that. And that she then should be forced to carry that baby because some religious kook personally believes it’s the will of a god. Only conclusion for this type of thought is that God is a monster. (Corollary: when a woman has a miscarriage, she needs to blame God for it happening, since there are no mistakes made)

Almost missed this too, related to that. another Missouri legislature thinks that 1 year old children can get abortions. Missouri not electing their best, for sure;)

Charming! But that wasn’t even the worst thing said. (Prepare yourselves.) Democratic Sen. Doug Beck introduced an amendment that would allow victims 12 years-old and under to have abortions. Which is reasonable! (And politically smart: Make Republicans say they want 10 year-olds to give birth.)

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that the Beck’s proposal led to a heated exchange with Republican Sen. Bill Eigel, who is running for governor. Please check out what Eigel said and try not to lose your shit:

“You want to bring back the institution of abortion so that kids can get abortions in the state of Missouri. A 1-year-old could get an abortion under this.”

A 1 year-old. A 1 YEAR-OLD? Sen. Beck responded, “I don’t know that a 1-year-old could get pregnant, senator.”

This is where we’re at. These are the men who are making decisions about your bodies and your children’s bodies. These are the people who think they know better than you—or doctors, or experts—about your health and well-being

More 7 mountains theology kookery- this time it’s Kari Lake’s campaign manager, Floyd Brown.

Kook Lance Wallnau – we are now royal priesthood” with the authority of a king & a prophetic priesthood to take over society and “bring Heaven down into the realm that we’re invading”. This guy does not believe in the United States system of government.

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