April 13, 2024
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Not too principled, is she, since Helen Kerwin apparently supports Donald Trump, who is on his second trial this year that he has lost (the first being sexual assault that the judge said was rape, the second the tax fraud case he lost yesterday). Does gutting the public education system embody the American dream? I don[t think so. Does she also agree with Trump inviting Russia to attack Nato countries and the US not helping? Does she believe that raping and sexually assaulting women is a good character trait? (We won’t even go into how corrupt Dan Patrick is, who presided over indicted crook Ken Paxton’s impeachment trial, despite taking $3 million beforehand from a pro-Paxton group)

Also, what is up with the “America First” slogan. That’s the same catch phrase that was used by Nazi sympathizers in the 1930s’. Sorry, but I personally don’t want anything to do with anyone that does not see Nazi ideas as odious. And we know Trump does, since he is an isolationist fixed on disbanding NATO

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