April 13, 2024
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This guy owes a whole lot of money after losing the defamation of E Jean Carroll civil trial and the NY Fraud trial. In order to even appeal either one, he has to come up a lot of money and despite (cough cough) being a billionaire, he doesn’t apparently have the money so needs his suckers to A. contribute to a Go Fund Me B. Contribute to the RNC since he has put his daughter in law as one of the people in charge and she said she’s going to give every cent to Trump (tough luck all you other Republicans who thought maybe the RNC, you know, was to give money to ALL Republican candidates) or C. Start selling way overpriced shoes to dumb people. This latter is right up his alley because he has plenty of experience with loser business hawking way overpriced stuff to *marks* (Hey, notice on the sneakers part that Mike Lindell and Mr Pillow also show up-hah) .

So, Trump owes a heck of a lot of money that he apparently DOES NOT HAVE or why is he trying to hard to hawk, hah, SHOES to people? (Enjoy the boos in this video)

The day after a New York judge fined him $355 million in the wake of a lengthy fraud trial, which he plans to appeal, former President Donald Trump spent his Saturday in two battleground states, Pennsylvania and Michigan.

First stop: Sneaker Con in Philadelphia.

But his five-minute remarks, in a heavily Democratic city, were sometimes barely able to be heard as members of the diverse, young crowd were consistently screaming and chanting throughout.

While many booed and chanted at him, others attempted to drown them out with anti-Joe Biden and USA chants.

“This a slightly different audience than I’m used to, but I love this audience,” Trump said, struggling to get through his speech.

He attempted to divert the attention by acknowledging his supporters in the crowd, even bringing one of them, a woman, up to the stage where she talked about how much she loves Trump because she said he is a Christian family man.

Yeah, right. a Christian family man. LOL (Remember that when his criminal trial starts next month in March 2024 where he tried to hide sex with Stormy Daniels from the public as well as his wife) .

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg charged Trump last year with falsifying internal records kept by his company, the Trump Organization, to hide the true nature of payments made to his then-lawyer Michael Cohen, for helping bury stories alleging Trump had extramarital sexual encounters.

The case centers on payoffs to two women, porn actor Stormy Daniels and former Playboy model Karen McDougal, as well as to a Trump Tower doorman who claimed to have a story about Trump having a child out of wedlock. Trump says he didn’t have any of the alleged sexual encounters.

Cohen paid Daniels $130,000 and arranged for the publisher of the National Enquirer supermarket tabloid to pay McDougal $150,000 in a practice known as “catch-and-kill.”

The Trump Organization then reimbursed Cohen at an amount far more than what he’d spent, prosecutors said. The company logged the payments — delivered in monthly installments and a year-end bonus check — as legal expenses, prosecutors said. Over several months, Cohen said he got $420,000.

The records at issue include general ledger entries, invoices and checks that prosecutors say were falsified.

Maybe Trump needs to start his own sitcom. Al Bundy shoe-salesman style..

So, those shoes sure look a lot like the ones TEMU sells for 19 bucks.

The Biden campaign used the opportunity to take a shot at Trump, with communications director Michael Tyler mocking the obvious Nike-inspired styling.

“Donald Trump showing up to hawk bootleg Off-Whites is the closest he’ll get to any Air Force Ones ever again for the rest of his life,” his statement read.

This’ll make you laugh

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