July 14, 2024
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As noted here recently, almost every day I’ve gotten something in the mail about DeWayne Burns. I don’t vote for Republicans and unfortunately do not a have a choice in candidates, but it’s despicable the way Burns is being attacked. Again, I don’t agree with him about almost anything, and even if he’s not supporting public schools for the reasons I would, he’s NOT A LIBERAL. Apparently this PAC thinks if they just stick him in with some actual Democrats and, hah, Mitt Romney, people will FLEE IN HORROR without even looking to see if this crap is true. What also gets me is it is clear that this PAC just LOVES Ken Paxton the crook. Finally, after years, Paxton will finally have his trial that he’s been under indictment for in April of 2024. (securities fraud) Also winding through the courts is the civil trial from the whistleblowers, the one he already admitted the facts are true for, but somehow managed to skate on being impeached for, to the surprise of almost no one since Dan Patrick had his thumb on the scale. You have to wonder why ANY Texas Republican didn’t vote to impeach that crook, good for Burns!

Here’s what gets me about this ad. Clearly the Texans United for a Conservative Majority PAC likes rapist conman Trump who HAS failed, is NOT president and is having to figure out how he is going to pony up over $350 million bucks for the fraud trial he just lost, not to mention another 90 million for the defamation case he lost against E Jean Carroll, (that’s besides the 5 million he already paid in his lost trial for assault and rape) ALL while waiting for the first criminal trial this year against him, the one where he has been charged with 34 felony counts of falsification of business records (goes right along with the tax fraud case he lost, eh?) I don’t know what Burns specifically thinks about Paxton, but for *good* people, in what world is threatening people with Ken Paxton an even reasonable thing to do.

Plus this PAC had to spin off under another name because the original one Defend Texas Liberty, was hosting Nick Fuentes, a guy who LOVES NAZIS. Wrote about that here in Dec 2023. Seems that some of the Republicans in the TXLEGE didn’t want to separate themselves from these holocaust deniers and nazi sympathizers, probably because they TOOK MONEY from the Defend Texas Liberty PAC.

But, ugh, this is the type of group that is not just sending out these smarmy, lying flyers, but also spamming the airwaves on teevee with this baloney.

And who’s going after who? Greg Abbott is going after Burns because Burns didn’t vote for Abbott’s failed attempt to gut public education and push school *choice*. Incidentally, as a side note, saw a good article in the Cleburne Times Review-Burns looks like he had a good crowd of supporters out for a rally the other day, while Helen Kerwin, who is pretty disgusting in her support of Abbott, Trump and school choice, did not.

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