April 13, 2024
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Somervell County Commissioners Court
1.Discuss/take action pertaining to Glen Rose Hills Addition Replat of Lot 47-1.
2.Discuss/take action pertaining to Barton Ranch Final Plat, Lots 9-14, Block 3, & Lots 11-13, Block 4.
3.Discuss/take action on annex and historic courthouse office hours pertaining to April 8th.
4.Discuss/take action on hiring two replacement mechanics for full time employment at Road & Bridge.
5.Discuss/take action to advertise for RFP’s pertaining to fire station living quarters construction.
6.Adjourn meeting.

The part about April 8th is pretty interesting. Glen Rose is expecting a lot of people to be out and around on the day of the Solar Eclipse. Apparently the City is closing down traffic around the square, and the question was put to some county employees if they needed to be there all day. Michelle Reynolds, for example, wondered if it would be hard to find a place to park after lunch.

This site says that the eclipse in Glen Rose will be TOTAL

This community is in totality from 1:38:37p to 1:41:50p. Partial eclipse begins at 12:20p.

Tammy Ray, Commissioner Precinct 3
Bryan jones, Fire Chief and Alan West, Sheriff
Wade Busch, Commissioner Precinct 4
Richard Talavera Commissioner Precinct 2, Jeff Harris, Commissioner Precinct 1

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