April 13, 2024
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From Eclipe2004.org

Latitude: 32.23459N

Longitude: 97.75531W

Partial phase start*: 12:20:56 (CDT (GMT-5)), at “03:30 o’clock” on the sun’s disk

Duration of Totality*: 3m 12.6s

Totality Start*: 13:38:37 (CDT (GMT-5))

Mid-eclipse*: 13:40:14 (CDT (GMT-5))

*All times shown are calculated for the lat/long specified above, and are accurate to within a couple of seconds, due mainly to influences of the “edge effects” at the start and end of totality. For a more detailed explanation of this, please see the “About Accuracy” section of this great 2017 eclipse page by Ernie Wright of NASA!
*These calculations were performed using a value of ΔT=69.18s.
Please also note that these times have been converted from UTC; if you see times that say “UTC”, “UT”, or “GMT”, those are NOT the local times for you in Glen Rose!
Finally, please see our page about calculating eclipse times to the tenth of a second.

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