April 13, 2024
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Apparently he really liked an article in the Washington Times. Course, hah, this is not surprising from this huckster who was selling Bibles last week “only one endorsed by Donald Trump” and at least a couple of times has said he is being treated more badly than Abraham Lincoln (who was assassinated).

My takeway? Christians who fall for this stuff are DUUMMMMMB and maybe they don’t think they have any other place to send their money. Also, there was a report that religion is losing influence in public life and 54 percent of people want a president that is moral and ethical. I think that Not A Guy With Dementia should have been one of the choices – LOL ! For sure, nobody is looking at these people that endorse Trump as being the *light of the world*.

P.S. He’s not only trash but what kind of person that WANTS TO BE PRESIDENT puts out a message like THIS on Easter? This is sewage.

Because this lunatic needs to use what ought to be a message for those who religiously commemorate Easter to be all about him and his crimes he’s indicted for, including the criminal case coming up on April 15. Is there NO depth this creep won’t sink to in order to make even positive events ABOUT HIM????? Ugh.

Here’s President Joe Biden’s Easter message.

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