April 13, 2024
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US Jews upset with Trump’s latest rhetoric say he doesn’t get to tell them how to be Jewish

A biased test kept thousands of Black people from getting a kidney transplant. It’s finally changing

About whiny Samuel Alito- His job is to interpret the Constitution. Would he rather run the FDA?

Why Are So Many ‘Free Speech’ Elon Musk Lawsuits About Suppressing Speech?

McALLEN, Texas (AP) — A Texas woman who was charged with murder over self-managing an abortion and spent two nights in jail has sued prosecutors along the U.S.-Mexico border who put the criminal case in motion before it was later dropped.

Does standing follow the merits? Often. Not always.

Trump the Stupid Thug

It will be entirely up to Merchan to decide whether the jury should consider if Trump committed any felonies. The question of whether a prosecutor can use federal election law to turn New York state misdemeanors into felonies is purely a matter of law. If Merchan (alone) decides that Bragg can rely on federal law in the New York prosecution, the judge will ask the jury to decide whether Trump altered business records to conceal a federal crime. If Merchan (alone) decides that Bragg cannot rely on federal law for this purpose, then the judge will not ask the jury to decide this issue, and Trump cannot be convicted of a felony.

It is thus very, very important to Trump that he remain in Merchan’s good graces during trial. In part, Trump’s fate is in the judge’s hands (alone).

So what does Trump do to stay in the judge’s good graces?

He attacks the judge and his daughter on social media.

Republicans Still Want Us to Die Sooner

Mark Burns, preacher who lied about his military service, launches “Military Christian Academy”

Anti-Woke Not Especially Lucrative’: Truth Social Lost Millions Last Year New Filing Reveals

Kentucky governor marks civil rights event by condemning limits on diversity, equity and inclusion

GOP spreading fake stories about Easter

Ken Paxton the Creep at it again- Texas attorney general makes diversity inquiry in new investigation of Boeing supplier

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