April 13, 2024
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Trump found to have fraudulently boosted Scots homes value by up to £200m

Donald Trump, his companies and some executives have been found to have fraudulently inflated the valuations of non-existent Scottish golf club properties by up to £200m as part of a scheme to dupe banks  and others and borrow more at lower rates, it can be revealed.

It comes as it emerged the Aberdeen club’s operating company has run at a deficit since it opened in 2012, and has amassed total losses in the ensuing 11 years of £13.025m.

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Trump’s golf courses lose money (are they used for money laundering?) AND he ruined the Dunes at Aberdeenshire.

In December 2020, Scotland’s Nature Agency confirmed that the sand dunes around the Trump International golf course in Aberdeenshire had been stripped of their protected status as a result of the damage caused by the resort’s construction.

For years, environmental groups have criticized Trump and his golf course for damaging the unique habit during the building of the resort which opened in 2012. The site was built on a system of sand dunes that shifted down the coast and is home to diverse plant life, with the surrounding dune system at Menie Estate being designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest.

In July 2018, Scottish Natural Heritage admitted that the dune systems around Trump’s Aberdeenshire resort had been “partially destroyed” as a result of the course’s construction, as reported by The Guardian. The following year, the dune system at the Menie Estate lost its protected privilege as the damage at the area meant that “there is now no longer a reason to protect the dunes” at Menie as they do not include enough of the features for which they were designated.

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