April 13, 2024
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Trump is desperate to find some reason to stop the criminal trial against him which is supposed to start on April 15th in New York. So, hah, he has asked for this trial to be adjourned indefinitely due to too much “pretrial publicity” PDF Hard to be taken seriously when ….

Trump has used practically all the platforms available to him, including his rallies and his social media company, to draw more attention to the proceedings.

Trump also tried to claim, untimely, presidential immunity in the NY criminal case.Merchan denied his motion

“Let’s just pause for a moment to dilate on the inanity of this motion, even apart from its untimeliness,” wrote attorney George Conway, posting his overview of the case. “Trump is arguing that paying off a porn star was somehow part of his official responsibilities as President of the United States.”

“Not only that,” Conway continued, “he’s arguing that paying off the porn star *before* he became president, and then later reimbursing the intermediary who made the payment and covering up the reimbursement on the books of his **personal, private** company, was somehow part of his official responsibilities as President of the United States.” -George Conway

Oopesie. Trump posted that bond in the fraud case he lost in NY. BUT he didn’t supply a financial statement, which he was supposed to do and Bond was returned to him for correction

The cause for the rejection, according to the New York County Supreme Court website, is because the requisite paperwork lacked a current financial statement.

It is also missing the name of his attorney-in-fact. Trump will have a chance to resubmit his request.

As Law&Crime previously reported, Trump secured a bond of $175 million thanks to Knight Insurance Company of California. Owner Don Hankey was effusive in his praise of Trump after the bond secured, calling himself a “supporter.” But Hankey was less clear about whether Trump used bonds as collateral for the final amount.

Trump was fined $454 million for extensive civil fraud earlier this year after he and his co-defendants at the Trump Organization were found guilty of wildly inflating the valuations of their real estate in order to secure sweetheart deals with insurers and agreeable loan terms.

Another legal battle against Trump, this time with the protesters that were unconstitutionally cleared from Lafayette Square Park with chemical irritants.

In January 2021, the U.S. Interior Department’s inspector general controversially reported that Lafayette Square was not cleared for Trump’s Bible photo opp though he appeared literal moments after police used devices like tear gas, flash-bangs, grenades, pepper balls, horses and batons to abruptly push protesters out of the area where he would soon stride through. The report found the use of pepper balls had been inconsistent with acceptable practices and also concluded it was unlikely protesters could hear police calls to leave as the scene devolved.

With that finding made and their lawsuits at a seeming standstill, the Buchanan plaintiffs had one avenue left: A new amended complaint approved by a judge.

And that is exactly what’s unfolded quietly in the background of Trump’s many other pressing legal dramas in recent weeks and months. Though the merits of the plaintiff’s amended claims have yet to be decided, a judge has granted the parties the right to serve Trump.

John Eastman has been disbarred. Previous post on election denier Trump attorney John Eastman Don’t forget Eastman has been charged with a felony in the GA RICO case, of which Trump is also a defendant

Trump, EVEN AFTER YET ANOTHER GAG ORDER from Judge Merchan, continues to attack his daughter. wonder if the next step will be to keep the names of the jurors from him since he can’t shut his big, threatening mouth. Above the Law which is pretty funny in its sarcasm of this nut.

New lawsuit from Trump SUING HIS OWN WORTHLESS TRUTH SOCIAL COMPANY CO-FOUNDERS-hah. (Makes me wonder if this is being funded from suckers donating to the RNC or maybe just suckers sending Trump money for his personal vendettas.)

Former President Donald Trump’s new joint fundraising agreement with the Republican National Committee is directing donations to his campaign and a political action committee that has been paying Trump’s legal bills before the RNC receives a cut, according to a fundraising invitation obtained by The Associated Press.

The unorthodox diversion of funds to the Save America PAC makes it more likely that Republican donors could see their money go to Trump’s lawyers, who have received at least $76 million over the last two years to defend him against four felony indictments and multiple civil cases. Some Republicans are already troubled that Trump’s takeover of the RNC could shortchange the cash-strapped party.

Trump’s Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows, who is one of the GA Rico defendants, tried to get the trial for him moved to Federal Court, presumably because he could find more sympathetic jurors than in Fulton Co GA. He has lost his appeal and now up pops this motion to dismiss based on supremacy clause immunity. PDF

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