May 21, 2024
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Someone told me that believing the kook theory that the solar eclipse to happen on April 8 is all the rage conversation on Facebook. Hah, why I avoid Facebook like the plague, but why doesn’t it occur to these credulous people that this is not just a silly theory but makes the people who believe this look ridiculous?

More: Apparently someone from Glen Rose is at the heart of this kook last days theory. Bryon Stinson, who was part of a group renting out the Texas Amphitheater for a buck a month so they could show The Promise Jesus show, was somehow in touch with a group, Temple Institute from Israel that wanted red heifers as part of a plant to create a 3rd temple in Jerusalem. Stinson apparently arranged to smuggle some red cows from Texas to Israel by calling them *pets* to bypass export regulations. (Incidentally, it is not that you can only get red cows in Texas-lol) The location of this proposed temple is in conflict with ” Muslim Palestinians, however, view it as a provocative symbol of the Israeli regime‚Äôs project of settler-colonial expansionism in the occupied West Bank” . Explainer

What’s interesting to me about this also is how this ties in with the Republican held (so far) House of Representatives. Speaker Mike Johnson convened a “National Gathering for Prayer and Repentance” in Washington DC in January which had a litany of religious extremists, including Byron Stinson, who had apparently been invited. Mike Johnson is an anti-democratic person who apparently believes in religious dominion over the American constitution.

Cult church Stonewater, which believes in the crackpot anti-democratic 7 mountains theory, is pushing this temple crap. Here is Joey White talking about it (hah, this stuff is off the rails) with Bryon Stinson. These fruitcakes are advocating getting rid of the Dome of the Rock, a Muslim holy site and putting a Jerusalem temple in its stead. Background from the UN- The Question of Palestine Also, Situation in Occupied Palestine and Israel I personally believe that Israel has used up the goodwill many people felt for the holocaust actions by how Palestinians are being now treated. But no matter what, for some christian nationalists to say that they should be able to take down a religious holy building in favor of another religion’s holy building based some reading about a sacrifice of cows that was written about in the Old Testament is not only bordering on terrorism (what is this? The Middle Ages?) but is nuts to boot.

And Stonewater cult also believes in the apocalyptic theory that this is the last days. Can’t help but wondering if some credulous people also believe the Eclipse on April 8 is part of that. Here’s a weird guy who has a church in Burleson that believes that, while trying to weasel out of a definitive day when inevitably he will be wrong. This guy is also affiliated with The Promise.

Now, people can believe all kinds of silly and weird things. Of course, people are watching and no doubt these types of hinky beliefs based on screwball thinking is part of why church attendance is declining. I suggest that the people that are this gullible be sure to not donate money to some scamster during this NATURAL SCIENTIFIC EVENT.

Who remembers this from HBO “Six Feet Under”

Also, lulz, from Bing Crosby’s movie “A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court, where Crosby got out of a death sentence by fooling people about the eclipse

Side notes about christian nationalism and how undemocratic it is. Now, there may be some autocritic fools who don’t really love America but their views of how government should be do not fall in line with the bill of rights and constitution and those cultish people should be avoided.

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