May 21, 2024
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Interesting to see the contract for this concert, as a matter of knowing what Somervell County taxpayers pay out and what the terms are. Also includes a comments letter

UPDATE: Thanks to Kelly Harris and commenter Jane Carroll for the suggestion and to Auditor Nikki Weedon for sending.

Here, from the Jan 22, 2024 meeting in which Kelly Harris talked about this. Note that apparently originally these contracts never came before the court for approval, although it appears they were signed by Danny Chambers. Hoped to get $12,000 (this would be beyond that money contracted for paid out to the artists)

Here’s the hospitality rider which includes, hah, 2 bags of goldfish crackers.

3 thoughts on “Somervell County Contract for recent Shenandoah and Braxton Keith concert (Glen Rose)-UPDATED 4/9/2024 with P&L statement showing loss of $26,822.87 after expenses

  1. Well, I don’t know but that is a good question. On the regular meeting agenda, there is an item for Reports from Other County Departments, and one of those reports is the Golf Course but I do not see (Unless I am now blind from the eclipse) reports for the events at the Ampitheatre and Expo. Asking Michelle Reynolds, the open records admin for the County, about it.

  2. Asked Kelly about the reports. She said that while she is coming up to speed in her new position, she isn’t doing monthly reports yet but will be. At that point, I’m sure they will be included in the packet presented to the Somervell County Commissioners Court at the regular meeting. She also said she is working on a new website where events, among other things, will be listed. I mentioned to her that I hope it will be non-Facebook, since Facebook is a private site where one has to be a member to see content, ie, new website open for everybody. Finally, have asked for a statement showing the profits and losses and will update this post when I receive it.

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