May 21, 2024
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The City of Glen Rose has a Youtube channel and the meeting for last night was streamed and is available there

I also attended the meeting with my own camera, but did not record the entire meeting. There is a lot of very interesting and detailed information on updating the code Here are a few selected vid clips I did from my vantage point, plus a few pics

I honestly felt like I was in an HOA meeting . Also didn’t understand the rush for going through all these ordinance changes at once, making for a very long meeting (as mentioned, I left about halfway through when it was going on to 10:00 at night). Wondered if there is some subdivision or business coming in shortly to City of Glen Rose that they want to make sure and constrict beforehand? If anyone knows, leave a comment. One of the ordinances was about how much driveway or size of garages should be built, including flirting with requiring homeowners with X many bedrooms to build 3 car garages and including one comment from somebody about building garages at apartments.

The sidewalk presentation was pretty good. If you have sidewalks on Barnard (or don’t but are in between Grace St and Big Rocks, do listen to the part of this meeting about it, including the potential contractor who made a presentation.

And what about landscaping? If you have a tree in your private yard, is it the city’s business? What if you want to take down some trees that might then spoil someone else’s view? Here’s one small piece.

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