May 21, 2024
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Thank you to Sharla Wilson for the drawing

Here are questions I have. What was the cost of having this architectural plan made and what is the status and cost of doing the lobby and bistro? (I remember recently when Somervell County Hospital Board members went over to the Somervell County Commissioners Court to try to strongarm them into giving away their EMS and 911 service, which led me to wonder if SCHD was running out of money? If so, then why are they wanting to build such a potentially expensive addition to the hospital. Ostensibly, according to Sharla Wilson

This is still in the conceptual phase and is not a budgetary item as of yet. The primary use of the Cafe’ will be for the hospital patient food service. The secondary purpose would be for public and hospital employee meals to help offset the cost of the Cafe’.

Wonder what the cost will be of building this, which includes building out a kitchen, versus what they are doing now for food service, OR the lessened cost to the community from people going to a local restaurant. Is this expected to be a money-making venture?

Update: Michael Honea on the next steps including coming cost estimate from March 2024 SCHD meeting (Note that this was NOT on the agenda, thus violating TOMA)

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