May 21, 2024
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Trump’s falsification of business records criminal trial in Manhattan otherwise known as the Stormy Daniels Hush Money Trial coming up early next week. Already Trump has lost 3 motions JUST THIS WEEK to try to axe the case. Although I think the Georgia criminal case will be televised, this one won’t be.

AP Echoing the racist tropes he has deployed frequently against his legal adversaries, Trump has called Bragg a “thug” and a “degenerate psychopath,” urging his supporters to take action against the “danger to our country.”

Bragg, who declined to be interviewed for this story, has rejected that, comparing the prosecution against Trump to any other case of financial crime.

“At its core, this case today is one with allegations like so many of our white collar cases,” Bragg said in announcing the indictment last year. “Someone lied again and again to protect their interests and evade the laws to which we are all held accountable.”

The first-ever trial of a former U.S. president will feature allegations that Trump falsified business records while compensating one of his lawyers, Michael Cohen, for burying stories about extramarital affairs that arose during the 2016 presidential race.

Trump’s Fraud case in New york that he already lost (Judge Engoron) looks to have more fraud. -Leticia James letter

Mr. Weisselberg has admitted that he perjured himself during discovery and the trial in this action.1 The Court is well within its authority to determine if Defendants and their counsel facilitated that perjury by withholding of incriminating documents. The Monitor has already been tasked with assessing Defendants’ internal controls, compliance functions and record- keeping. The potential failure to properly produce documents in a legal proceeding relevant to the valuation of Mr. Trump’s triplex plainly falls within the ambit of her authority, and certainly within the power of this Court to safeguard the integrity of its own proceedings.2 And even if Defendants’ myriad complaints had merit as to the Court’s ability to modify the Monitor’s duties or advance an inquiry after trial, the investigative matter remains open and the Court has the authority to appoint a special referee to conduct the inquiry. See In re Opioids Litig., No. 400000/2017, NYSCEF No. 9247 at 5 (Sup. Ct. Suffolk Cty. May 25, 2022).

Also on the fraud case, because there are so many questions about the bond Trump tried to put up, there’s a hearing on that on April 22.

Georgia criminal trial in Fulton County

Judge denies Trump motion to have the case dismissed on first amendment grounds

Documents obstruction trial in Florida (Federal criminal)

Judge Cannon Is SO MAD YOU GUYS That The Prosecutor Is Making Her Follow The Law

Also Judge Cannon sets a May 9 date for CIPA motions (classified documents)

Trump’s criminal election interference case is on hold while waiting for SCOTUs to rule on whether Trump has *presidential immunity*

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