May 21, 2024
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.1. Presentaton to the Court by BMY pertaining to 2022 outside audit.
2.Discuss/take action to receive 2022 Somervell County Audit presented by BMY.
3.Presentation to the Court by Radonna Goetz pertaining to gym membership proposal.
4.Discuss/take action pertaining to Goetz gym membership proposal.
5.Presentation by Pecan Valley Centers.
6.Discuss/take action on MOU between Somervell County and Pecan Valley Centers.
7.Discuss/take action pertaining to Care Coordination Agreement between Pecan Valley Centers and Somervell County Jail.
8.Discuss/take action to replace Pecan Valley Center Board Member Jill Power with LaJean Heard.
9.Discuss/take action to approve Somervell County Performance Review Document presented by Human Resource Department.
10.Discuss/take action on agreement between Somervell County and McKinstry Essention, LLC pertaining to Somervell County Annex Renovations.
11.Discuss/take action on invoice presented by 3D Capture Services pertaining to mapping services.
12.Discuss/take action on MOU between Somervell County and Erath County pertaining to radio system.
13.Discuss/take action on MOU between Somervell County and Hood County pertaining to radio system.
14.Discuss/take action on Somervell County Grant Program and reporting requirements pertaining to American Rescue Plan.
15.Discuss/take action on an order template to adopt a property tax exemption for qualifying child care facilities.
16.Discuss/take action on purchasing bunker gear for Somervell County Fire Department.
17.Discuss/take action on Rural So Salary Assistance Grant Program.
18.Discuss/take action on Rural Prosecutor’s Office Salary Grant Program.
19.Discuss/take action to pay freight on C&P pump for $618.73. When approved in court on January 8, 2024 this was not in the approved amount to pay.
20.Discuss/take action on invoices for Southwest Architects pertaining to Somervell County Jail renovations.
21.Discuss/take action on Resolution authorizing the execution and renewal of the Food Products Agreement with Ben E. Keith.
22.Discuss/take action on Resolution authorizing the execution and renewal of the Janitorial Supplies Agreement with Mayfield Paper.
23.Approve Budget Transfers.
24.Pay County Bills.
25.Approve Reports from Other County Departments.
a.Constable, Pct. 1 & 2 – Civil/Criminal Services
26.EXECUTIVE SESSION: Deliberation regarding contract being negotiated. After having convened in open session, the Commissioners Court will retire into Executive Session, pursuant to the provisions of Section 551.0725 of the Texas Government Code.
27.Take action on Executive Session.
28.Adjourn Meeting.

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