May 21, 2024
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Somervell County has been looking to sell the Texas Amphitheater in Glen Rose, Texas and one of the organizations that would like to buy the building is The Promise Inc. The Commissioners Court had a meeting yesterday, April 15, at which the bid from the Promise was turned down. They had offered $100,000 for property worth over $3 million

I noticed at the meeting on April 8 that one of the people who came about buying the amphitheater looked like Jonathan Stickland, who used to be a Texas Legislator from Bedford and had quite a bit of notoriety. I asked him and indeed it was Stickland. Most recently, publicity about him is because Nick Fuentes, a known white nationalist, was spending a lot of time at Stickland’s consulting firm. Fuentes also promoted Jan 5 and 6th events and was subpoenaed by Congress.

KERA- Defend Texas Liberty PAC names new president after leader met with white supremacist Nick Fuentes,

Former Rep. Jonathan Stickland’s name has been removed from the website of Defend Texas Liberty, a political action committee and major donor to top Texas Republicans, where he served as president.

Defend Texas Liberty’s website now lists Luke Macias, who previously served as the group’s director, as its president. Neither Macias nor Stickland could be reached for comment Tuesday evening.

The change to Defend Texas Liberty’s website follows more than a week of outrage after The Texas Tribune reported that Nick Fuentes, an avowed white supremacist and Adolf Hitler admirer, had spent nearly 7 hours at the offices of a consulting firm, Pale Horse Strategies, that is also owned by Stickland.

Nick Fuentes praises Hitler. Texas Tribune

Fuentes, 25, often praises Adolf Hitler and questions whether the Holocaust happened. He has called for a “holy war” against Jews and compared the 6 million killed by the Nazis to cookies being baked in an oven. He wants the U.S. government under authoritarian, “Catholic Taliban rule,” and has been vocal about his disdain for women, Muslims, the LGBTQ+ community and others.

“All I want is revenge against my enemies and a total Aryan victory,” Fuentes said last year.

Back to this last part again, about Defend Texas Liberty. Stickland was president until all this ugliness about Fuentes came out.

In recent weeks, allies of the deep-pocketed conservative PAC Defend Texas Liberty have sought to downplay a meeting between the group’s former leader, Jonathan Stickland, and prominent white supremacist Nick Fuentes. They’ve cast the visit as a one-off mistake — and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick said he accepted an explanation that it was a “serious blunder.”

Responding to calls for him to return the $3 million he received from Defend Texas Liberty this summer, Patrick initially said he would not do so because there was “no hint of any links” between the group and any “antisemitic organizations or other hate groups” when he took the funds in June.

There were, however, ample links.

While Fuentes’ unapologetic hate mongering has made him perhaps the nation’s best-known white supremacist, he was merely the latest in a line of people who have been embraced by Defend Texas Liberty and its close allies despite publicly espousing antisemitic views or partnering with extremists. That includes, among others, Ella Maulding, a social media coordinator for Stickland’s consulting firm who has praised Fuentes as the “greatest civil rights leader in history”; and Shelby Griesinger, the treasurer for Defend Texas Liberty who has claimed on social media that Jews worship a false god and shared memes that depict them as the enemy of Republicans.

Hah, this reminds me of Dan Patrick saying he didn’t know about all this hate except that there’s no way he didn’t know

After that Defend Texas Liberty changed the name of its pac to Texans United for a Conservative Majority which put out a scurrilous ad about Dewayne Burns (Burns has been targeted by public education hater Greg Abbott for his vote against school choice)

A campaign finance report posted Wednesday showed that West Texas oil billionaires Tim Dunn and Farris Wilks have poured $2 million into a new group, Texans United for a Conservative Majority, that has started spending against Texas House Republicans. The group is a spinoff of Defend Texas Liberty, the political action committee that came under fire in October, after The Texas Tribune reported that its then-president, Jonathan Stickland, hosted notorious white supremacist and Adolf Hitler admirer Nick Fuentes for nearly 7 hours.

Defend Texas Liberty — which has vowed to go after House Republicans who voted to impeach Attorney General Ken Paxton — curtailed its political giving after the scandal, disclosing only one candidate contribution through Dec. 31. But Texans United for a Conservative Majority popped up in December and had to meet a reporting deadline of Tuesday because it is involved in a special election next week. It filed the report a day late.

Most recently, Stickland created a new company named after his alias as an internet troll

Also, remember how the Texas Republican party had a REALLY HARD TIME denouncing this anti-semitism and hate? (One of the many reasons I am not a Republican-it should not be hard to publicly denounce this type of ugliness)

In November, the Texas GOP’s executive committee narrowly rejected a resolution that banned the party from associating with Holocaust deniers, antisemites and neo-Nazis — language that some members argued could create a slippery slope and complicate the party’s relationship with donors or future candidates. After backlash, the party in January passed a resolution that banned it from associating with antisemites — a significantly watered-down version of previous proposals that specifically named Stickland and Defend Texas Liberty.

In looking at the Promise website, I see that Stickland is a member of the cast.

Certainly there is no reason that someone that is an extreme right-winger who has association with a known Nazi lover can’t volunteer to be in the cast of the Promise but it’s interesting that the Promise organization apparently not only has no baseline standard to maintain for its cast, but even asked Stickland to be on its board. Side note that the Promise warns families about bringing young children to the performance, maybe because of torture scenes like this (all 3 of these images from The Promise website

4 thoughts on “Strange Bedfellows- The Promise in Glen Rose.. and Jonathan Stickland

  1. Well I am back, sometimes you gotta get away to clear yo mind, I left and didn’t look back. Got home and discovered this little metropolis hadn’t got any better. I noticed that the Promise Property is tryin to be bought by some local people that are consorting with one individual that has a less that a quality reputation. People who consort with anyone having antisemitic views, narcissistic tendencies, and want to act in Biblical plays where only white colored skin is accepted. I don’t trust that’s all they will want to do with it! No, I don’t care how much money they can raise, I personally don’t want them in our community! That’s my own personal opinion!

  2. SO with you! I was reading some more about Nick Fuentes yesterday.

    “What I mean is what I said!” Nick Fuentes resents his own followers for trying to do damage control by insisting that he’s not actually racist: “What if I am? Is that a problem?”

    Nick Fuentes: ‘I Totally See Myself Accidentally Killing My Wife’

    Hah, nice christian values. I guess the Promise will take anybody to dress up for their torture porn play and that includes people who consort with the likes of Nick Fuentes.

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