May 21, 2024

1 thought on “Somervell County Commissioners Court Special Session 5/6/2024 Video

  1. I see where one of our commissioner’s was defeated and we’ll have a new man as a Commissioner in January 2025. I see that we still have the Convicted Felon, “Cyndi Gray,” for theft of a lot of money from a Construction Company. She was also caught with a large amount of drugs with intent to distribute, even though they deferred that, it doesn’t change the fact that she had it, and committed the crime. But she is still employeed. I am retired after owning a large business and I had a policy that my employee’s had to pass a background check and drug testing. There were always a few that didn’t make the cut, and that happens. But I paid my employees well, I took care of them, and they took care of me. That’s just smart business, and I had to be responsible because my retirement and my family dependended on me. I had very dependable personal that took care of the Payroll and Billing Department, another was our Insurance Department, and our Human Resource Department that took care of all Employees and Contractors Private Information. They worked as a unit and were valued employees.
    I can’t imagine how these County Employee’s must feel about their Job Security, or even wonder how secure their Personal Information really is? It’s bad enough that you have to constantly upgrade the computer systems software, virus protection, malware detection and so on. One dishonest employee can bankrupt an entire Corporation. Not to mention that Personal Information is the hottest commodity on the Black Market today and many people don’t ever recover from their personal information being stolen or sold.
    I just wonder if the People that are responsible for hiring this Felon has ever wondered what their own Personal Liability will be if mistakes, deception, fraud, or missing fund’s occur?
    I wonder if they have ever asked themselves, if she has ever been around illegal substances since she got caught? There were a lot of drug charges on her Criminal History Report. I would wonder? Maybe they drug test, I don’t know?

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