May 21, 2024
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Yesterday I went to attend the Somervell County Commissioners Court meeting and saw Max Bly, one of the Somervell County board members who was attending presumably because of the EMS executive session. . After the board members were basically caught stuffing their faces at Somervell County Hospital District board meetings at taxpayer expense, they apparently decided to pay for the meals themselves. There was one meal this year where everybody was fed chicken express and Bly paid for it himself. At their last meeting, not everyone was eating and the meals didn’t look consistent, but really, I wanted to ask him myself if he had been reimbursed behind the scenes for the food he supplied. So I did, and he said, no, I asked if he was feeding the board out of the goodness of his heart and he said yes. I said I thought it was a bad idea and ill mannered to eat food at a public board meeting (Remember the board had voted to change the time of the meeting specifically to noon). He said there were others that were using their lunch hour to attend the meeting and felt it was not an issue to be eating. I said that there were people who were attending the meetings from the public (or could be) and they would be watching the elected board members having a meal while they, presumably were not. I think it’s more than boorish bad manners, it’s inconsiderate and inappropriate.

I have never been to a public meeting (aside from a special workship meeting the City of Glen Rose had some years back that was offsite and going to last all day) where the elected sat and ate food. Yesterday, for example, the Commissioners Court meeting went on to after 2:00 in the afternoon because of two executive sessions. They could have broken for lunch but i’m guessing they wanted to plough through this and not have to come back later. But if they HAD broken for lunch, they would have LEFT for an hour and then come back and dang, I’m sure they were hungry by 2. Being a little absurd here, but the City of Glen Rose also meets during the time of dinner and YET they do not tell people to bring in food or watch while they don’t deprive themselves of a meal. Are these Glen Rose Medical Center board members so frail and weak that they cannot either eat an early lunch BEFORE the meeting or, gasp, wait till after the meeting to eat. The board sure seemed to be fine not feeding people since it’s creation without worrying that they might starve if they couldn’t indulge in front of the public.

Also, GROSS. After some of them eat, they’re picking their teeth.

Ron Hankins from a previous meeting
Max Bly stuffing his face, in green

I did notice in the one from 5/14/2024 that it appears people decided on their own to bring food or not. Kudos to the (apparently) two well mannered board members. Bly may have no problem doing this activity , but perhaps he was not raised well.

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