May 21, 2024
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Devout Christian Mike Johnson Shows Up to Hush Money Trial to Defend a Guy Accused of Cheating on His Wife With a Porn Star

Judge Judy Adds To National Enquirer Woes Filing Defamation Suit As Publication Reels From Trump Trial

IRS Audit of Trump Could Cost Former President More Than $100 Million

‘Substantially true’: ABC lawyers say Trump defamation suit against George Stephanopoulos over ‘found liable for rape’ segment ‘must be dismissed,’ cite WaPo article

Revenge candidate Donald Trump vows to round up Democrats — and Liz Cheney “for her crimes (What a creepy kook)

Trump’s vow for police ‘immunity’ could spell trouble for Black communities- “If there’s no criminal accountability of police for criminal behavior, then … we’re living in a country that’s becoming a police state,” Maya Wiley, an advocate and civil rights attorney, told theGrio

‘Enough is enough’: Giuliani sued yet again by election workers he slandered in new lawsuit seeking a permanent injunction to stop ‘continuing, knowing defamation’

“No drama” Biden

Man Arrested For Protesting Outside Federalist Society Chief’s House Earns $62.5K Settlement From The Cops

DOJ requests judge order Steve Bannon to begin prison sentence

Trump Hush-Money Payment Revealed in Bank Records

Biden’s promises kept vs. Trump’s trail of broken promises

A statue of disgraced evangelist Billy Graham will be unveiled in the U.S. Capitol – Ugh, who thought putting that racist in the US capitol was a good idea. ESPECIALLY when people are all up in arms about antisemitism

Blastocysts Are People, Too

The reactionary right believe that “fetal personhood” is a thing. Trump would make it so in a second term, thus criminalizing ALL abortions everywhere in the United States.

New doctors continue to avoid residencies in states with abortion bans

Why does Trump admire cannibal serial killer Hannibal Lector so much? (Silence of the Lambs)

And one more on that from Boing-Boing

Stormy Daniels Is the Hero America Needs (Rude Pundit-he swears)

Poor Poor unethical Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is a VICTIM!!!!!

Elon Musk’s X can’t invent its own copyright law, judge says

Fox Indoctrination

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