May 21, 2024
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Nikki Weeden opening bids for amphitheatre

Amphitheater is appraised at, as of Dec 14, 2023- $3,020,000. (See Feb 26, 2024 Commissioners Court, full minutes-1510.pdf Also video from that meeting.

Then on April 15 the Commissioners Court voted to reduce the advertised price to $2.5 million and re-advertise.

Video of that special session after meeting in executive session. The Promise had offered $100,000 and that offer was not taken up.

This next is from May 13, 2024 when 3 bids were opened in Commissioners Court.

There were 3 different entities that put in bids to buy the property

The Promise (Related: Jonathan Stickland’s whine about buying the amphitheater for the Promise)

Gillum Development

Rick Kumar

Rough: Going to take the 3 bids we received under advisement and best and final answer to Bill Vineyard on Thursday, May 23, reconvene in court on 5/24/24 which is a Friday at 9:30 and review the best and final offers and hopefully that day make a decision on who we’re going with

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