June 21, 2024
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Apparently there is some rumour going around that Helen Kerwin is breaking the law by having an LLC for her business AND having that business also be a Texas homestead exemption. First, I am not voting for any Republican, but if I was, I wouldn’t be voting for Greg Abbott stooge Helen Kerwin, since she’s against public education in favor of using public taxmoney for school vouchers. And she is a Trump supporter so she apparently has no problems with fraudsters, rapists and creepy old men who have sex with porn stars behind their wives back. Go read this “I’ll wear no man’s collar” if you want to know how low and unprincipled Abbott is. Kerwin is running BECAUSE Greg Abbott went out on a revenge tour to find someone who would pass his school vouchers which he has been paid $6 million bucks to push from a guy from, not Texas, but Pennsylvania. You want to talk about people who are bought and paid for, look no further.

But I am always interested to know where stuff comes from and this seemed quite likely it was misinformation that was not checked on to see if it was true. And it wasn’t. I called the Somervell County appraisal district and talked to one of my favorite people, Wes Rollen, who is the authority on property taxes, homestead exemptions, etc in our county. What Kerwin is doing by having only a part of her property where she lives with a homestead exemption, even though the business is an LLC, is not illegal. Side note that the TxLege changed the way homestead exemptions show up on the internet, they don’t, to prevent shysters from targeting the elderly by checking online, but anyone can go in and ask, in person, for a printed card showing the exemption.

Strikes me that this is a made up rumour to try to trash Kerwin, much like the baloney she and Greg Abbott cronies send out to trash DeWayne Burns. The one thing about DeWayne Burns that I do like is that he genuinely wants to protect public education and put up a fight for it in the last lege session, so I believe if people also care about public education, no way they should vote for Kerwin. However, don’t not vote for her based on bullchit, do your homework.

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