May 21, 2024
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I continue to have questions about why the Commissioners Court would put in Cindy Gray at all, but second, why , if they chose to ignore her record, they would do so without having a specification first about what her job would be, why she has two jobs, including one full time job doing payroll with an office, and being put in as (who knows, there is no position specified) with another office. Especially since her criminal record says “fraud of this magnitude should have been caught prior to reaching that level“, still seems to me that if they wanted to put her into a job in which she largely is not monitored, there should have been more prep, job description, and controls put in before (or IF) voting her in. Frankly, I think it’s a shame and it’s a shame because this expo job deals with money also.

A second factor is that it sure seemed like the commissioners were putting Terry Starnes in charge of making that decision. He said in his talk that he had “sat her down without the permission of the court or the attorney, we visited .. the next day I went to Judge Chambers office”. So, looks like somebody, probably Chambers, had an out of court discussion with him about Gray before this meeting. Starnes seems like a very nice man but who are, right now, the managers of Cindy Gray? The commissioners and they should have been and be driving this bus. Incidentally, Starnes should know about theft, since it was his sister who, in 2016, stole money from First Financial Bank

As a side note, the Commissioners Court is in charge of setting the time a person on the agenda can speak, and it was somewhat surprising to hear Starnes say he was going to ignore any set time and Chambers not challenge him, much as Chambers did not challenge Troy Hill when he ran on and on. What’s the point of setting court rules if you’re not going to enforce them?

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