July 14, 2024
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Doing my usual morning shaking my head over Poor Poor Trump who is being picked on by everybody and therefore NEEDS MONEY, even though he is a supposed billionaire. I suspect that a large part of the money he gets comes from big donors, like those oil and gas corporations that want to destroy the planet and want to tank all climate protection agendas.

Remember this (VIDEO) from 2015? where he said he

“didn’t need anybody’s money.. I’m using my own money, I’m really rich”.

He not only changed his mind (OR he was lying about not taking money in the first place) but the RNC and PACS have regularly hit up people to give him money and he’s using his campaign as the justification for going after it. However, the money in large part is going to pay his attorney bills for court cases, including some civil cases as well as criminal trials.


Donald Trump started the month owing his lawyers a seven-figure sum as the ex-president burns through thousands of dollars per day to cover his burgeoning legal fees.

Founded and controlled by Mr Trump, Save America leadership political action committee (PAC) has been his primary fundraising and political spending wing since he left the White House.

The PAC, composed of wealthy pro-Trump donors, has absorbed most of the cost from his legal troubles, as he faces 91 felony counts including 34 from his hush money trial alone. Mr Trump denies all charges held against him.

We also know due to some other cases that have been tried in court, including the most recent tax fraud case that he lost, that he really is not so rich and that he has been cooking the books and defrauding on his taxes. Don’t forget that the Trump organization defrauded a charity -A CHARITY!!!! and, although he said he was going to give his presidential salary to charities, he never did. (Remember how, when he first ran, he said he’d be releasing his tax returns and then… he never did and in fact, fought against it in the courts.

Trump is constantly playing the victim, everyone is against Poor Poor Trump and he can’t possibly have done anything wrong, ever (hah)

This is apparently a group called “America First Coalition” that was sending THIS out to people. Yeah, this is creepy

Have to laugh because this is a 1984-ish threat flyer. As in “We’re going to contact you after the election to make sure you voted”. And that Trump will be notified if you don’t vote. What’s Trump gonna do if you don’t? Call you personally to express how disappointed he is? Send goons to your house to trash it? “You can’t afford to have that on your record”. WHAT RECORD? hahahah. The voting record that let them know what how you voted? And “Your Neighbors are Watching”. Of course, THAT’S why I saw my Republican neighbors standing out in the yard with their binoculars watching to see if I go vote. Trump must really either think Republicans are stupid or easily intimidated.

P.S. Don’t worry if your neighbors are watching and murder you because you didn’t vote on Voting day as a Republican. Govt Abbott will pardon you because he has zip problem with murderers who have been adjudged as same.

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