July 14, 2024
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Trump more than once recently has said he was absolutely going to testify in the criminal trial in which he is accused of falsifying records to hide that he was having sex with a porn star. Nothing wrong with him not testifying, but he said twice he was going to. Instead, he was happy to, every day of the trial, go out and stand out in the hall and flap his lips with the usual I’m A Victim baloney-but he can lie his butt off doing that because he’s not under oath and he also does not get cross-examined for the truth. If what he did shows that the records are wrong, AND given he seems to want to talk, just not on the witness stand, what would he have to fear? Some of the stuff he lied about while standing in the hall; said he was prevented from testifying because of the gag order-Judge Merchan set him straight on that publicly. Said that “thousands of people were turned away ” outside the courthouse to show support. Nope, it’s just that not a lot of people wanted to do that. Hah, that’s why he had to go get some of his Republican sycophants to come and show they care nothing for the rule of law. (Um, even his wife didn’t show up) Said Joe Biden was behind all of that-nope but it’s convenient for him to say that instead of accepting responsibility for him being shady. Looks like he knows his audience and how gullible they are.

A president has no authority to bring a state charge against anyone, but Trump said Tuesday that “every one of these trials is run by the DOJ and the White House. Every single one.”

He’s lying.

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