June 21, 2024
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Brady Gray on the left at Somervell County Commissioners Court (Jonathan Stickland to the right)

I have been pondering why the fool the Promise would ask Jonathan Stickland, of all people, to be board president of their organization. Stickland’s association with a neo-Nazi should not only raise eyebrows but cause honest people to be disgusted. The Promise puts on a passion play once or twice a year and leases the Texas Ampitheatre premises for $1.00 a month or $12 bucks a year, with some other conditions on their lease. Somervell County owns the property and has for at least 10 years leased this out to them for that lowball number. In return, Jonathan Stickland has criticized and whined about Somervell County and the bid they put in to buy the Amphitheatre was, first 100,000, then when that was rejected $140,000. This on a property appraised to be worth over 3 million dollars. Frankly, I could not understand how the Promise could align themselves with Stickland, but thought maybe Gray and whoever the guy is in the middle in that pic above just didn’t know. But yes, Gray knows. He was CEO of Pale Horse Strategies. So he is purposely *choosing* to associate with Stickland and make him one of the figureheads of the insultingly low bid to buy the Promise.

I did not know who the people were that were sitting by Stickland in previous Commissioners Court meetings but he had introduced himself, and was called, by Judge Chambers, as Brady Gray. Who is he? Found him on LinkedIN

He does not live in Somervell County, but in Parker County, which is also where Stickland lives. He is chairman of the Parker County Republican party. More significantly, he was also CEO of Pale Horse Strategies, which is the company Stickland owned until after the ugly scandal about Nick Fuentes, the neo-Nazi

This man says he was a worship pastor at Willow Park Baptist Church in the past. So, what his new project “Texas Family Project” promote? It’s a political organization,

Here’s a link to the Texas Conservative Report that shows how the Texas Family Project embraces fear-mongering and racism in HD-60 Race. Note that this project has no problem LYING to people and spreading bigotry

The mailers in question were sent by the Texas Family Project, an organization based in Weatherford, Texas. The mailers imply that HD-60 Rep. Glenn Rogers voted to use state tax dollars to “celebrate Muslim holidays,” a verifiable lie. The votes mentioned on the mailer simply acknowledged the religious day for Texas Muslims.

The Texas legislature regularly votes to acknowledge religious holy days for various religions, including Christianity and Judaism.

The mailer also utilizes fear mongering and Islamophobia, implying that this recognition is somehow equivalent to or an attempt to incorporate sharia law in the state of Texas.

By any standard, this is an incredible reach – meaning this, too, is a blatant lie.

The mailer also appears to have been accompanied by a text message campaign. These texts read, in part,

“Hi _____ this is Justin with Texas Family Project. Glenn Rogers voted to spend your tax dollars celebrating Muslim Holidays.

Don’t take our word for it, read more here https://texasscorecard.com/state/texas-house-celebrates-muslim-capitol-day/

Reply Stop to End

The link takes the reader to a March 2023 article from Michael Quinn Sullivan’s Texas Scorecard that highlighted a resolution that made the date “Texas Muslim Capitol Day.” The resolution received broad, bipartisan support in the Texas House.

The Texas Family Project has close ties to Jonathan Stickland and Defend Texas Liberty. The current president of the Texas Family Project is Brady Gray, who also happens to be the current chair of the Parker County Republican Party.

One more association. Brady Gray was set to umpire a game a couple of years ago that was scheduled by True Texas Project True Texas Project in Jan 2024 was advocating for the death penalty for women who seek abortions, or use IVF (In vitro fertilizations) including pregnant minors. The event in the aforementioned link was hosted by Monica Brown of Hood County, who is a book banner

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