June 21, 2024
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You can see from this interview with Dr Phil in June 2024 that Trump’s makeup is not on all the way and lots of thinning and bald spots in that hairdo

Was thinking today about the effect of slathering your face with orange dye and puffing up your hair to make it appear like you have more, versus looking like a tan-less normal person. Everyone KNOWS that Trump constantly colors his face and spends an inordinate amount of time fixing his hair in that ugly configuration. He even has undergone, at least one time a *scalp reduction* procedure to get rid of a bald spot. People have always thought his hair style was weird, and I read someplace that he essentially does a comb-over anchored in place with hairspray. And I’m sure he, being the vain guy he is, believes this makes him look younger, despite his sagging face, bags under his eyes, that weird sag spot by his nose that looks like blew out the cartilage, and neck that looks not like a turkey but a woman’s body part. Here’s a makeup free Trump (Hah, sometimes hub will say “You don’t need makeup” but I can point to stuff like this to show the advantages. Anyway, Trump looks OLD here which of course is why he trowels on the makeup.

Here he is without apparent makeup, while golfing, back in 2016, so more than 7 years ago, he looked like an old man

And there are lots of photos where his makeup was either wiped away or sweated away or was not applied carefully to the hairline. From the Mar-a-Lago breakfast buffet in 2019.

In 2020, this vain man refused to wear a mask, during Covid because it created stains on the mask

Trump’s…antipathy to masks, and its effect on willingness to mask up among his ardent supporters, was established early in the pandemic. Notably, Hutchinson describes a visit to a mask-making factory in Phoenix, Arizona, in May 2020, in the chaotic and frightening first months of the COVID onslaught…. Trump told reporters he tried a mask but did not wear it after consulting the company chief executive. Hutchinson writes that in fact Trump “decided on a white mask,” then asked staffers what they thought. “I slowly shook my head,” she writes. “The president pulled the mask off and asked why I thought he should not wear it. I pointed at the straps of the N95 I was holding. When he looked at the straps of his mask, he saw they were covered in bronzer.” Trump’s reliance on heavy makeup is well documented.

“Why did no one else tell me that,” he snapped. “I’m not wearing this thing.”

“The press would criticize him for not wearing a mask,” Hutchinson writes, “not knowing that the depth of his vanity had caused him to reject masks—and then millions of his fans followed suit.”

Imagine being so vain that you allow people to die of Covid because of your gross makeup stained a mask and you didn’t want people to know. Reminds me of when he had some pics taken in 2020 and he just could not stand it, even though the pics were real.

As a woman, at some point when my hair started coming in gray, I had a choice to make about whether to dye it or bite the bullet and let it grow out the color it would be. I decided to let it grow out and it took probably a year without cutting for it to get to be what I consider pretty gorgeous. However, I know that once you go gray, there is a societal prejudice that says maybe you aren’t as vital as you once were. Not going to say that part of that attitude isn’t valid, I mean, we all get older, but it is not definitive, at least not for me. I feel just as great as I always did, albeit that I stopped the annoying practice of dying my hair to try to give me a more youthful appearance (but how well does that work when you’re constantly have to touch up the gray roots-hah). There is a huge freedom in having healthy hair come in and I have gotten compliments from strangers about it (hah, that may not happen forever, but for now I will take it:)

Let’s just say that what he does to his hair is a weird combover and not a weave. You would have to have enough hairspray or gel to make your head like a helmet to prevent something like this.

Remember this from 2020?

It was the worst hair day of what has been a bad hair life. And it may seem cheap and low to mock Trump’s absurd efforts to conceal his hair loss. But Trump is a man obsessed with image in ways that go beyond the normal human concern with looking presentable. Image is Trump’s moral code. He dismisses his political rivals for being short. He sees his succession of wives as visual testament to his own status. He selects his Cabinet on the basis of their looking the part. He conscripts the military as a prop to bathe himself in an aura of presidential grandeur.

Trump’s absurd hair is of a piece with his lifelong attempt to market himself as a brilliant deal-maker and stable genius. So yes, it is okay to laugh when the ruse is exposed.

A lot of men also do the same thing, dying their hair, adding fake skin tan color and trying to look more youthful, as Trump does. (Inexpertly, I might add, you can see in lots of photos of him where his makeup sweats off, or has not been applied correctly around his scalp line, like the one above) Also, looks like a new shade of color, not sure what that color is, from January of this year.

This man wears diapers, hidden under his clothes, because old age caught up with him (as well as a rumoured adderol addiction)

Compare that with Joe Biden, who, if he is wearing makeup, and he might be, uses a light touch instead of a trowel, and also, like me, allowed his hair to grow in gray without coloring it;. I wonder if he also uses botox or fillers, as so many people do.

from D-Day June 6 2024

Now, overall, do I wish there was an age limit for BOTH of these men? Yup, because they are both old, and in my own world, when people get to be around 65-70 years old, they are retired from companies unless they go out on their own or pick up work as a Walmart greeter. At the same time, there is a plethora of old people in Congress and even in our own local govt . And Republicans keep wanting to raise the age at which you can actually get the Social Security you were mandated to pay in from your job, so aren’t they sort of supporting old people being in jobs and working forever? Trump will be 78 years old this June, so er, he ain’t no spring chicken and Joe Biden is 81. My math tells me that is THREE YEARS. Sheesh, they are BOTH old but Trump is more worried about not looking his age by trying to cover it up with extra makeup and hairdos that everyone knows are too much and fake.

My point is here is that when I see some news pundits saying “Oh, Joe Biden looks older than Donald Trump”, ignoring the fact that Poor Trump cannot go out in public without dyed hair that has been cemented in place, and tranches of face makeup, they can be safely ignored. And there are really only two choices in the election, Nutbag RFK or anyone else are not choices. I’ll take Biden, who I don’t agree with 100 percent but he is not trying to tear this country apart. And, hah, he looks natural as opposed to conceited Trump with his gross makeup and hair

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