June 21, 2024
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Since it was just D-Day remembrance, remember that Trump in 2020 called Americans who died in the war “suckers and losers” This from a guy who claimed he had bone spurs to get out of serving.

Why did Sean Hannity and Dr Phil have to heavily edit Trump’s latest sit-downs with them? Hannity told Trump to focus:)

Hey, home come this Naval Commander just got sentenced to 120 months for “unlawfully retaining classified national defense information” and Trump’s trial is not moving forward?

Trump is a seriously ridiculous and crazy person. WHO wants to elect a person that wants to go after political enemies? Or has *retribution* on his mind? Grandpa, go take your crazy to a rocking chair in Mar-A-Lago

Hah. 50 Cent Says Black Men ‘Identifying’ with Trump Over Legal Woes: ‘They’ve Got RICO Charges’ Too You can’t tell me that 50 Cent is not getting PAID to say this by the trump campaign. Sheesh, in what world do Black people want to be told the reason they should vote for Trump is because he’s a criminal too, like Black people want to self-identify as criminals. I’m sure this is why Trump was pushing those cheap sneakers as well. Since this is popping up so much, it MUST be that the Trump campaign thinks it is a winning message that will make Black people forget what a racist Trump is.

Kook Donald Trump and his COVID response. Remember?

I REMEMBER THE PHONE CALL VIVIDLY. It was April 23, 2020. My friend had watched Trump’s coronavirus press conference and called me to ask, “What the f—?” The president had just suggested inserting ultraviolet light into the body or injecting bleach as a way to cure COVID. I remember saying, “Well, the silver lining is that this guarantees that he will definitely not be re-elected in November.”

I couldn’t imagine that it would even be close. At the time, Trump’s handling of the national emergency was broadly understood to have been catastrophic—lies, denial, mismanagement, spewing blame in all directions (particularly at governors and doctors), embracing crackpot cures, and ultimately discouraging basic public health measures like masking and social distancing. He did one big thing right—Operation Warp Speed—but later discovered that his audiences had been so radicalized by the disinformation he and his febrile party had propounded that they were hostile even to a life-saving shot because it was associated with public health authorities.

Trump’s 2 week promises supercut- LOL! Boing Boing calls this “Donald Trump will gladly pay you in TWO WEEKS for a “hamberder” today”

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