June 21, 2024
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I want to talk about the Rule of Law today. Americans generally revere the rule of law, while understanding that justice is not perfect. That’s why, in either civil or criminal trials, there are appeals courts to reverse errors that might have been made in a lower court. It can be frustrating to wait for those errors to be fixed, sometimes years, and the idea of a speedy trial is pretty much not in operation. But, still, what would replace it? A dictatorship or small cabal of people make decisions for everyone, giving perks to themselves and their friends and keeping those pals out of jail on a whim? I personally believe in American ideals such as equality, rights, liberty, opportunity and democracy. Disrepecting the system of justice and trying to cause American citizens to do so is out of bounds. I cannot imagine why the Republican party, which has also vigorously backed the enforcement actions of the *blue*, are going along with a crazy man who was, most recently found guilty of a felony by a jury of his peers.. unanimously, on 34 courts. This same party has had little to say about the Hunter Biden trial, which, in my book, may also be deserved and will be left up, as it should be, to a jury to decide. If either Donald Trump or Hunter Biden, should he be found guilty as well, don’t believe the jury and sentence was fair, our system of justice has steps to take which don’t include trying to get felons off or bypassing standard appeals court processes, or, as kook Trump has done, decide to try to get revenge on anyone that dared to prosecute him on his fraudulent records. Locally, I’ve seen some trials take place, including against someone who embezzled money from a bank and at least one pedophile. I believe in the court system and again, if those people believed they had been unfairly found guilty or didn’t like the sentence, they could appeal. On a personal level, when Andy Lucas and Darrell Best, with the almost secret help of Ron Hankins, attempted to keep my husband off the hospital board, the process of going through the courts, ultimately to the Texas Supreme Court, took six years. And Darrell Best and the State of Texas lost, with Somervell County Commissioners Court paying a money judgement as well . that is HOW the system works and just because Donald Trump, who, frankly, in my book is a criminal, doesn’t want to have to pay any penalties for breaking the law, doesn’t mean he should be off the hook. And it’s beyond weird that the Republicans in Congress are trying to help him while poisoning the idea of the justice system. Are they being blackmailed? Paid off? What is it?

Al Capone, mobster criminal, who Trump likes to compare himself to, was popular with a lot of people in Chicago at the time that the ruthless man was in underground power. Should he have been able to be exempt from accountability because of that? If you’ve read account of Capone, who was around in the 20’s, you know what a lawless person he was. He and his gang were suspected of doing the St Valentines Day Massacre Ask yourself, why does Trump want to tout a gangster from a mob, and why does he want to compare himself to him?


Former President Donald J. Trump says he is prepared to prosecute his political enemies if he is elected this fall. Simply making those threats, legal experts said, does real damage to the rule of law.

But if he is already challenging bedrock norms about the justice system as a candidate, Mr. Trump, if he wins the presidency again, would gain immense authority to actually carry out the kinds of legal retribution he has been promoting.

House Republicans Unveil New Bill To Put Former Presidents Above The Law

You mean to say that Congress inventing federal jurisdiction for purely state crimes and/or civil suits, with no federal nexus and no diversity, based solely on the identity of one of the parties, might present an issue under Article III? Who knew!

Not Mike Johnson, who is also a lawyer. But Mike Johnson thinks that the Supreme Court is going to hop right on Trump’s case and overturn it toot sweet. So, maybe don’t go by that guy either.

Lawless and disorderly: Republicans line up behind Trump after conviction

It soon became clear that one of America’s two major political parties was determined to undermine faith in the US judicial system with expressions of rage and demands for revenge, creating an alternative view of the US in which Joe Biden is a clear and present danger to US democracy.

Experts warned that by sowing distrust in institutions and the rule of law Trump, his supporters and his Republican allies were creating a political tinderbox ahead of November’s presidential election. In the coming months – especially as Trump faces sentencing in July – that sense of dread and fear of political unrest is likely to only increase dramatically….

Tara Setmayer, a senior adviser to the Lincoln Project, an anti-Trump group, said: “That is the bigger crime here in the long term. The Republican party has now facilitated the continued onslaught against our democratic institutions.

“The long-term consequences of the idea that our justice system or the rule of law is somehow corrupted because Donald Trump says so are immeasurable. We’re seeing that now where even in a court of law where the evidence is clear it’s not good enough. It’s the world turned upside down and the Republican party has enabled it.”

And why is it that some Republicans want to trash cops who defended the Capital on Jan 6th? (Several Pa. House Republicans boo officers who defended Capitol on Jan. 6) You can’t be for the police only when it happens to coincide with your own corrupt viewpoint.

Trump calls for Jan. 6 committee members to be indicted

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