June 21, 2024
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Trump was in Las Vegas this weekend, and said some pretty weird things. (You can find the full video on Cspan, here)

“temperatures began to rise with a forecast of over 100 degrees during the event. At his rally, Trump spoke about the heat affecting his attendees as he made a joke about needing their votes.

“By the way, isn’t the breeze nice. Do you feel the breeze? I don’t want anybody going on me. We need every voter. I don’t care about you. I just want your vote. I don’t care.” His supporters laughed as he then said, “See now, the press will take that, and they’ll say, ‘He said a horrible thing.'”

Well yeah. Imagine anyone running for office, other than kook Trump, that would tell potential voters “I don’t care about you, I just want your vote, I don’t care”. Remember when Melania Trump wore that “I really don’t care” jacket? Imagine if Biden did that, told people who come to his events “I don’t care about you, just vote for me”.

And, this was on a day when it was over 100 degrees in Las Vegas. You’d think that Trump, who constantly grifts money from suckers, would at least try to hold an indoor event inside at a venue that had air conditioning instead of outside in the hear. A lot of people apparently left midway through

And who does he care about? himself

Earlier in his speech, he said the campaign would offer help to people who were feeling tired and joked that “everybody,” including the U.S. Secret Service, was worried about the safety of the crowds and not about him. “They never mentioned me. I’m up here sweating like a dog,” he said. “This is hard work.”

Trump Spent the Weekend Warning a Crowd in the Las Vegas Desert About Shark Attacks

CRAZY Marjorie what’s er name compared Trump to Jesus. Hahahahah “The man that I worship is also a convicted felon”. Refresh my memory. Did the Jesus of the Bible screw a porn star and then try to cover it up by falsifying business records? I’m sure the so-called *christians* that worship Trump find this to be entirely appropriate. Keep those kooks away from me!

Donald Trump is mid-speech when hundreds of bored rally-goers exit the gates (video)

While speaking to a crowd in Las Vegas in temperatures exceeding 100 degrees, Trump bragged about one of his supporters who had attended more than 200 of his rallies.

“Wouldn’t it be incredible—he’s gone to 250—if he voted for Biden?” he said, according to a clip from the rally. “He’s going to vote for Biden? I don’t think so. It would be suicide before Biden, right?”

Who does he think he is? Jim Jones?

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