July 14, 2024
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Trump Adviser Stephen Bannon Cites Podcast Duties as Reason He Should Not Be Required to Report to Prison (Haha!!!!! I too would like to get out of jail if I ever commit a crime and am convicted by saying “but I HAVE to do a podcast”) This man was sentenced 2 years ago!

Here’s Fani Willis “Motion to Dismiss Appeal as Improvidently Granted”

Democrats Are Finally Coming for Jared Kushner and His Shady Firm:Senate Democrats are demanding some answers on the money behind Kushner’s “Affinity Partners.” Letter from Ron Wyden

Ron DeSantis’s Signature Anti-Trans Law Brutally Shut Down in Court: A judge has struck down Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s ban on transgender care on the grounds that it is wildly unconstitutional. Here’s the PDF of the ruling

“Where there is bigotry, there are usually—one hopes, always—opponents of bigotry,” Hinkle added, noting that medical professionals who treat people with gender dysphoria are frequently advocates for gender-affirming health care.

In Hinkle’s ruling, as with the preceding injunction leading to Tuesday’s ruling, Hinkle asserted “gender identity is real” and noted during arguments that even the defense—representing Florida’s surgeon general and Board of Medicine—acknowledged it as such. Hinkle also noted that the defense, which sought to uphold the trans health care ban, “explicitly admitted that prohibiting or impeding individuals from pursuing their transgender identities is not a legitimate state interest.”

Hinkle’s ruling further assessed that “gender-affirming care causes no harm to others—no harm to individuals who do not receive the care. Those who are not involved are not involved.” The court decision nukes any potential claim that access to gender-affirming care is somehow harmful to public health, a favored talking point of transphobes who simply can’t leave other people alone.

Giuliani bankruptcy hits breaking point as creditors seek takeover

Republicans Claim Harassing Abortion Patients is ‘Free Speech’

Abortion Groups Say Tech Companies Suppress Posts and Accounts

“Martha Ann” is the new “Karen” What on Earth Did Martha-Ann Alito’s ‘German’ Spiel Mean?

Project 2025: The Trump presidency wish list, explained

Senate Republicans block bill that establishes right to IVF across the US

hahah. Republicans want to rename waterways after Trump.

House GOP moves to name US coastal waters after Trump: Waters surrounding the US would be named the ‘Donald John Trump Exclusive Economic Zone’ Should be “Convicted Felon Trump” and I’m willing to bet if for some crazy reason the coastal waters are renamed after this malignant kook, there will be plenty of graffiti and backlash. I wonder on a daily basis: Why do Republicans love criminals so much?

Travis County judge dismisses AG Paxton lawsuit over Austin marijuana ordinance

Christian Privilege Checklist

Trump tells donors he will crush pro-Palestinian protests if re-elected

DOJ memo says Garland cannot be prosecuted for contempt over Biden-Hur audio

Surely parents, IF a school wants to bring in controversial right-wing oriented videos, can opt out their children. Red states strike deals to show controversial conservative videos in schools (PragerU)

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