July 14, 2024
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Here’s Brady Gray in the Somervell County annex hanging out with Jonathan Stickland

Have discussed previously Brady Gray, whose association with Jonathan Stickland is strong. Brad Gray was the CEO of Pale Horse Strategies, was field executive for right-wing nut Don Huffines, and associates with the True Texas Project, while heading his own bigoted group, the Texas Family Project. And Stickland, of course, has a notorious association with neo-Nazi Nick Fuentes. These two are prominently involved in trying to purchase the Texas Amphitheater in Somervell County for a laughably low number in order to stage The Promise play. (Adding that Judge Danny Chambers told them and two other interested people to get together to make a stronger offer-have to wonder if the other main potential bidder, from Burleson, really wants to be connected to Stickland and now, Brady Gray?

). Now, if a group this flawed comes up with a reasonable amount of money for an amphitheater appraised at over 3 million dollars and a supposedly religious organization has no problem with the unsavory reputations of all, then they can have at it, but the Promise should not be able to use christian privilege to offer a pathetically low bid. And, side note, should not be surprised if the company they keep drives down people who might otherwise visit their passion play. Is The Promise a kook christian nationalist organization?

Texas Tribune had an article a couple of days ago about True Texas Project hosting an upcoming pro-christian nationalism conference in Fort Worth. The original article said the event was going to take place at the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens, but The Botanic Gardens said “it “rejects all forms of hate speech, discrimination, or bigotry.” Today, the event lineup just says DFW area so I’m guessing the True Texas Project is scrambling around to find a place that accepts bigots. New article on Texas Tribune titled “Speakers, venue pull out of prominent activist group’s pro-Christian nationalist conference”

Billed as the 15th anniversary celebration for True Texas Project, the conference agenda claims that there is a “war on white America,” and urges attendees to embrace once-fringe ideologies such as Christian nationalism or the Great Replacement Theory, which claims that there is an intentional, often Jewish-driven, effort to destroy white people through immigration, interracial marriage or the LGBTQ+ community.

The event lineup is also heavy on christian nationalism. Side note that there is a cult christian nationalist church here in Glen Rose and Granbury, Stonewater Church.

Bud Kennedy of the Ft Worth Star-Telegram

In the program on the True Texas Project website, conference presenter C. Jay Engel of near Sacramento, California, describes his talk warning against multicultural inclusion and claiming liberals want to “rid the earth of the white race.” Online, Engel writes that “heritage Americans” are those whose ancestors came before 1885 and Ellis Island. Black Americans and American Indians are included, but only if they affirm the “domination and pre-eminence of the European derived peoples, their institutions, and their way of life.” Look, to me, there is only one American heritage and way of life. The Constitution spells it out: liberty and freedom for all. Being an American is not about being native-born, or Christian, or white.

Don Huffines was also listed and now, miraculously today, is not on the lineup anymore. He told the Tribune “I will no longer have anything to do with this event. ” Oops.

Which brings up back to Brady Gray. What is HIS opinion of the True Texas Project, especially since he is involved with them to some extent, including umpiring a game for them? Does he agree with their bigoted anti-immigration policies, anti-abortion, and overt christian nationalism goals? (True Texas Project was added in 2022 to the nationalist list of extremist groups.

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