July 14, 2024
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Does he believe that Black people are more likely to vote for him if they believe they are on his level, ie, a convicted felon too? Or that Black people are law-breakers? Where are the ethical people that folks can look up to? I’ve even wondered if he does this because he knows the White people that vote for him would turn away if they thought the Blacks on stage were equal to them and they need to believe that Black People are felons. It’s just kind of bizarre; usually someone running for office will bring heroes on the stage, or business leaders or, generally, people to be admired.

Trump apparently went out to hold a rally in Michigan this weekend, at a Black church. But look at the pictures in this audience, they are almost all White. And, it’s astonishing to me that a church would be a place for the people in the audience to call out ‘Trump Trump Trump”. Do all churches do this, ie, subrogate a religious message in favor of hailing a criminal and encouraging the attendees to treat what I used to think was *supposed* to be a sacred place in favor of a crass political rally?

I really like Roland Martin -interview with Mark Fisher who, amazingly, sounds like Q-Anon

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