July 14, 2024
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Trump, in his *I’m so persecuted* victim persona, wants the gag order to be lifted in the case he just LOST which convicted him of 34 felonies. Note that he said he was going to take the stand in that case… and did not. He sure did show up every day outside the courtroom to say whatever he wanted, and because it was not under oath nor could he be cross-examined, he could lie his head off. He has not been sentenced yet, that’s on July 11, but he would like the gag order to be lifted. Why? So he can so lie and smear all the people involved in the trial, including the jury. ALL without accountability. This is NOT trying his case, if he truly believes he is innocent, in the court of law, but trying in the arena of public opinion, all while grifting the suckers into sending this supposed billionaire money. Anyway, yesterday, he, after trying to get that gag order lifted, LOST in the NY Appeals Court.

The state’s highestcourt said it was dismissing the appeal “upon the ground that no substantial constitutional question is directly involved.”

That means the gag order imposed on Trump by state Judge Juan Merchan is still in effect.

Trump wants to reinstate student debt. hahahahahah. Now compare that to his trying to bribe the rich by telling them he’ll give them tax cuts if they donate to his campaign. Quid pro quo, eh!

When former president Donald Trump entered the political realm nearly a decade ago, he pitched himself to voters as an anti-special-interest, “drain the swamp” candidate who would fight for the everyman.

During his presidency, however, Trump appointed many cabinet members from that same “swamp,” and passed only one major piece of legislation: a massive tax cut for corporations and the ultra-wealthy.

Now, as he runs for another term in the White House in 2024, Trump is openly cozying up to billionaires and promising them yet another massive tax cut worth billions of dollars—in some cases as part of a plea for campaign donations.

But Screw You if you’re just a regular person who was saddled with crippling debt from student loans.

Side note about those 2017 Trump tax cuts for the rich. The 2017 Trump Tax Law Was Skewed to the Rich, Expensive, and Failed to Deliver on Its Promises

Related to that, don’t forget Donald Trump, while president, lied about the tariffs against Chine and who pays them.. .It’s you and me. And now he’s at it again, he is lying.

3 minutes straight of Donald Trump confusing and forgetting people’s names, the names of cities he’s in and more.

4 years ago today- Trump held infamous superspreader event in Tulsa after which Herman Cain died of Covid-19

John Oliver on Project2025

Bully Trump wants to stop Fox News from having any criticism of him. In other words, a Trump campaign mouthpiece. If this creep were to get his way, then he should be paying campaign rates on the *news* and there should be campaign finance reports filled in by Fox.

What got this crazy coot so upset that he felt he needed to threaten Fox for Paul Ryan, who said Trump is unfit for office, SPEAKING HIS MIND AND NOT AGREEING WITH THE CONVICTED FELON? Oh, criticism means that Ryan is Not Loyal- hahah Dictator Trump orders Fox to fire Paul Ryan from its board for being “disloyal”

“Rupert and Lachlan, get that dog off your Board — You don’t need him,” he said, ordering Fox mogul Rupert Murdoch and his son Lachlan around, before making one of his most cringeworthy statements of all time: “ALL YOU NEED IS TRUMP. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”

The only thing cringier than referring to himself in the third person as he shouts an utterly pompous and ridiculous statement is the fact that his cowering henchmen (nearly everyone in the GOP) and his brainwashed disciples will take this buffoon seriously.

Paul Ryan: I am still a Republican of course, I consider myself an anti-establishment Republican. Trump has taken over the Republican party. It’s really a populism without any anchor to principles. I’m a big believer that you want your party pledging fidelity to a set of principles and policies that solve problems versus a person. And I don’t think a personality-type politics is durable. .. I think our party will at the end of day have a big discussion about what we stand for

Christian Nationalist LOVE feeling persecuted, apparently and see the Convicted Felon, Rapist and Fraudster as a persecuted victim. Makes them ripe for Trump’s grift.

Trump’s Black Support and Charlie Kirk’s TurningPoint USA propaganda stunts

Trump-So-Ignorant- Says he would replace Income tax with Tarriffs. ahahahah. Go look up Smoot-Hawley.

Some Americans have the wrong idea about violent crimes and murder rates, which were spikes when Trump was president, but are down now.

The only recent spikes in violent crime, namely murder rates, were when Trump was president but, wrote Legum, “Many Americans have misconceptions about crime trends. A Gallup poll last November found “77% [of Americans] believe there is more crime in the U.S. than a year ago… The FBI data is consistent with data from cities which shows murder in 2024 is down 18.3% compared to the same period last year. Many large cities are experiencing even sharper declines, including Baltimore (-41%), Philadelphia (-41%), San Francisco (-36%), Phoenix (-29%), Detroit (-25%), and Washington, DC (-24%).”

Confronted with the statistics, Trump just insists they’re fake news.

30 false statements that Trump made at the Wisconsin Rally this week. But then, Republicans know that he is a convicted felon, an adjudicated rapist, and fraudster, so what’s lying to add to that mix? hahahah

Speaking of Fox News, the poll this week FROM Fox News shows Biden over Trump

The Borowitz Report (satire) Louisiana Orders Classrooms To Display All Ten Commandments That Trump Has Broken

BATON ROUGE (The Borowitz Report)—The Republican governor of Louisiana signed a new law on Wednesday requiring every classroom in the state to display a poster listing all Ten Commandments that Donald J. Trump has broken.

Governor Jeff Landry said the poster would enable students “to keep track of how many Commandments they have broken so they can better follow Trump’s example.”

“At the end of each year, teachers will issue a report card indicating which Commandments the students have broken and which they have not,” the governor said. “If they have not broken all ten, they will be required to repeat the grade.”

“We want Louisiana’s students to grow up to be productive felons,” he added.

How the NFL’s ‘Worst-Ever’ Owner is Blocking Movie Showing ‘Rapist’ Trump “The Apprentice” movie.

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