July 14, 2024
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I quit Facebook for good probably 4 years ago, don’t recall exactly. I saw no reason to be on it , and have had, as most people know, my own website, Somervell County Salon since about 2005. I haven’t always posted on it, but it’s been up in two different forms – Salon.Glenrose.net (archived) and ScSalon.org. About a month ago someone I know told me she thought I was not posting often and I realized that she was looking at content that my hub, who is on Facebook, re-posts sometimes. Sometimes people think that he, because he re-posts, writes the original entries, but no, it is me. You can tell when you look at the original post where it says that “salon” wrote it. Saying this so that you know if you want to see all the content that I write, you can come directly here and look-I have categories such as Somervell County and Glen Rose and there is a Somervell County widget towards the top of the site.

I like to go to govt meetings (well, a lot of them, not all). And I believe in an informed citizenry. Now, this site is not a neutral site, so quite often I will include my own opinion with a given post if I feel inspired to do so. I also enjoy video recording meetings. It is a hobby, and if you do not do video, a bit of work and time to create and upload video snips to youtube. I do this because I like to share. In my opinion, reading an agenda and even minutes does not fully let you know what an agenda item is, how it is presented and discussed and what the opinions of people attending might be. It is GREAT when govt entities create audio or video themselves and promptly upload it to their websites; also any member of the public who wishes to record a meeting can do so as well (see TOMA-the Texas Open Meetings Act)

Incidentally, sometimes people have subjects of concern to them. I get phone calls sometimes, emails, from the tips on the front page, and sometimes hubs will tell me of people that send him a Facebook message about something (because they think salon is him) . If I also am interested in a subject, I’ll look into it, but no guarantee on that. What ties us all together, at least I hope so, is when there is something that might be unethical or shady and our natural ethics lead us to want to see whatever it is righted.

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