The Somervel County Hospital District Meeting I Call the *Hate Fest*

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The Somervel County Hospital District Meeting I Call the *Hate Fest*

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from January 22, 2015 ... k&id=15456 where you can read my entire writeup. A few after the fact highlights, with video here.
First, before that meeting, Ron Hankin's wife hand carried a threat letter to John Parker, one of the board members. He, not to be intimidated, had it on his Red Barn website for quite a long time. ... k&id=15454
She proceeded to comment on how 'nasty' things were getting. She asked John if "fighting Ray" was worth it?
The meeting on January 22, 2015 was supposed to be for a required evaluation of employee Ray Reynolds. Instead, Darrell Best, among others, sought to turn it into a crowd event in which some people thought the hospital was to be closed.

Ann Best and her mother, Mary Best

Joan Taylor insulting the board

Dr Peters threatening board member with dialogue from "Pulp Fiction"

Alan Sumners passing a jar for money collections.
One man not even from this county, apparently, threatening the board
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